T-short - unisex

T-short - unisex

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Comfortable and functional sports shirt material, ideal for the hot summer months.
By default, made from fabric-E-180 g/m2 T Shirt, 80% polyester, 20% elastane.


We know how it is difficult to exactly fit the sleeves of the shirt, especially when the theme continues with some lines. It is therefore appropriate to the sleeve and the neckstrap to choose either one color or theme, such as a texture. Online generator of textures, for example.
here: http://cpetry.github.io/TextureGenerator-Online/


to achieve the perfect look of the T-shirt is to be a theme at a resolution of:
sleeves: 3 000 X 1 500px (ca. 4,5MP, most phones)
body: 4 500px X 3 300px (ca. 15MP, most phones)

This information has only recommendatory, since the type of theme, or its quality, we do not track and review.

In case the ordered shirt will not contain any part, for example, will miss any of the theme or color design of the sleeves, we pick up and fill it with the random color of the main parts. If the proposed only one part t-shirts, we print it on the other part.

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T-short - unisex
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