General terms and Conditions

For sales contracts, at closing a distance through an e-commerce system or e-mail.

Internet portal operator

Company Name: s.r.o.
Street and number: Námestie Jozefa Herdu 1
City and postcode: Trnava 917 01
Country: Slovakia
IČ: 47581298
DIČ: 2023981586

Bank Connection: Tatrabanka
IBAN: SK87 1100 0000 0029 2190 6367

Registered in the commercial register of the District Court Trnava, insert number, 33519/T, section: Ltd.

Responsible person and contact

Juraj Bert, Javorová 35, Piestany 92101, tel.: 0905 328 365, E-mail:

1) on Registration

"We declare that the data is used only for the purpose of identification when buying in the company S.r.o. And will not be disclosed to third parties or otherwise abused. By confirming the registration, I agree to send an offer email from the online store company S.r.o.

Purchase of goods by e-Shop They may be carried out by natural and legal persons without restriction, provided they are governed by these general terms and conditions.

Offer emails will be sent maximum twice a month and the size of each e-mail message does not exceed 50kB. You can cancel the newsletter service by e-mail at any time at the following email address: Info@textilprint.shopOr at the stated fixed address.

Orders can be made without registration.

2) Acceptance and equipment of the order, purchase contract

The buyer is any natural or legal person who has completed and sent an order via the seller's website, received a notice of receipt of the order by email and paid the purchase price. 

Buyer's order is a draft purchase contract and the purchase agreement itself is concluded with the moment of service of the buyer's binding consent to the seller with this proposal (binding confirmation of the order by the seller). Between the buyer and the seller, mutual rights and obligations arise from this point.

The order is generated by selecting the goods by the buyer, filling in the order form and subsequent confirmation of the ordering process in the E-Shop. For correct order equipment, you must fill in the required information in the order and choose the transport options and payment for the goods ordered or Services. The purchaser of the Order shall inform the seller of the buyer confirmation by e-mail, which automatically generates an electronic systemShop.

The subject of an order (hereinafter referred to as "the product") means all goods and servicesShop.

In the case where the buyer is not a consumer and thus it is the purchase of goods for the purpose of business, the contractual relations are governed by the provisions of Law no 513/1991 Zb. Trade code as amended.

By concluding the purchase agreement, the buyer certifies that they have been acquainted with these terms and conditions, including the terms and conditions, and that they agree with them. For these terms and conditions, the buyer shall be notified in sufficient manner to the order itself and shall be able to familiarize themselves with them.

The Seller reserves the right to cancel the order or part thereof prior to the conclusion of the purchase contract in the following cases: the goods are no longer manufactured or sold or have changed significantly the price of the goods supplied, the quality of the handouts does not have sufficient parameters, (example: low resolution Bitmaps, its position, etc.). At the same time, the seller assumes no responsibility for the documents which are contrary to the laws and moral principles in the SR and the world (e.g. copyright, defamatory motive, etc.), full responsibility for the themes sent (quality and the theme of the master) Takes over the client. If this happens, the seller will immediately contact the buyer for the purpose of the agreement on the next procedure. If the buyer has already paid a part or the full amount of the purchase price, the amount will be transferred back to his/her account until the purchase agreement is concluded.

All orders received by this trade are binding. The order cannot be cancelled before it is shipped. You are automatically informed of your order by e-mail. In the detail of each product and in the order confirmation, the expected delivery period of the goods is not in stock. Each item shows whether the item is in stock or not. If the goods are not in stock or stock supplier, we will immediately inform you of the next delivery date.

The buyer agrees to the price of the goods and services ordered and therefore the order becomes mandatory for the buyer.

By confirming the order from the seller, a purchase contract which can be changed, discontinued or supplemented only by mutual agreement between the buyer and the seller, unless otherwise provided by law or by other legislation.

The buyer is sending an order linked to the payment of the purchase price of the ordered goods.

The buyer agrees to expose the invoice or advance invoice in electronic form, which will be sent to his email address, which he stated in his order.

Order reversal

If you make an order cancellation within 10 hours, we consider the order cancelled. You can send a cancellation by e-mail or by phone. When you cancel your order, you must include your name, email and order number.

3) Modes of transport by public transporters:

Goods delivered by the shipping package company.

Postage, unless otherwise stated, is charged at EUR 15,-€.
The price of the shipment includes the possibility of evening delivery (optional) and telephone contact, for any change in the time or place of delivery.

In some particularly bulky, heavy or otherwise poorly Transportable Products, the price of the shipment may be increased. The shipping price is shown immediately after selecting the modes of transport.

The claim is possible within 3 days of receipt, provided that the damage was not apparent in the surrender!

Goods delivered by Slovak post-business package

Postage, unless otherwise stated, is charged at EUR 15,-€.

The price does not include any other services because they are not offered by Slovenská Pošta. If the objednávajúci is not reacheble, the delivery notification will be sent to the Clipboard. The shipment can be picked up at that post or request a re-delivery. For these shipments, any communication with the carrier is not possible, and we have no possibility to influence or monitor the shipment in detail. The maximum weight of one package is 15 kg.

In some particularly bulky, heavy or otherwise poorly Transportable Products, the price of the shipment may be increased. The shipping price is shown immediately after selecting the modes of transport. Claiming a shipment is only possible when you download!

Attention! If the package is visibly damaged, or if the protective tape is violated, redeem the claim directly with the carrier. The Supplier shall not be liable for any damage incurred in the transport.

The consignment is usually delivered until the second day after dispatch. The customer is informed by email.

4) Warranty

You will always find a tax document in the package. The guarantee period shall commence on the date indicated on the document. The warranty period is given for each product in the detail of the goods. In cases of dispute, the guarantee period may be extended by 5 (word five) days as a substitute for the time of transport.

The guarantee conditions are governed by the provisions of Law no 40/1964 Zb. The Civil Code, as amended. The basic warranty period for the new goods is 24 months and begins to run on the day of receipt of the goods by the customer.

The warranty excludes defects which the seller cannot influence (section 1.5, 1.6 and 1.7 of the claim conditions) or defects related to the faulty instructions or the poor quality of the documents supplied by the buyer for production.

If the buyer is not a consumer (article 1, point 1.4), the warranty period for goods intended for business purposes is 12 months.

5) conflict with the contract of sale-General information

If the case is not in conformity with the Purchase Agreement (hereinafter referred to as "the contrary to the purchase agreement"), the buyer has the right to make the seller free of charge and without undue delay the case in the state of the corresponding sales contract, according to the requirement Buyer either by exchanging the case or by repairing it; If such a procedure is not possible, the buyer may request an appropriate discount from the price of the case or withdraw from the contract. This does not apply if the buyer knew or contradicted the purchase contract himself caused before taking the case on the contrary to the purchase contract. A breach of a contract of sale which will take effect within six months of the date of receipt of the case shall be deemed to be contrary to the existing one when it is taken, unless it contradicts the nature of the case or proves otherwise.

We provide the warranty period for the goods by law.

6) Right of the consumer to withdraw from the contract

If the purchase agreement is concluded by means of distance communication (in the online shop), the consumer has the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 days of receipt of the goods. In that case, the consumer contacts the seller and the best in writing that it withdraws from the contract, indicating the order number, the date of purchase and the account number for the refund. Money can also be returned in cash at the company's headquarters. Withdrawal must be received no later than the last day of the 14-day period. In specific cases, the repayment period may be extended, but not more than 30 days after service, taking into account the circumstances.

However, this provision of law cannot be construed as the possibility of free rental of goods. In the case of the use of the right of withdrawal within 14 days of receipt of the transaction, the consumer must issue everything on the basis of the purchase contract. If this is no longer possible (e.g. in the meantime, the goods have been destroyed or consumed), the consumer must provide monetary compensation as consideration of what can no longer be issued. If the returned goods are only partially damaged, the seller may apply to the consumer the right to compensation and to set off his claim for the returned purchase price. The seller is in such a case liable to prove the damage suffered. The seller in this case returns only the reduced purchase price.

At the purchase price to be reimbursed to the buyer, the seller may in addition calculate his actually incurred costs associated with returning the goods (transport costs, etc.).

The right of withdrawal does not affect the consumer, in the case of contracts:

For the provision of services, where their fulfilment has been commenced before the expiry of the period of 14 days from the receipt of the performance, the supply of goods or services the price of which depends on the fluctuations of the financial market independently of the seller's will, the supply of goods Adjusted to the wishes of the buyer or for his person, as well as goods subject to perishable, wear or tear, to the supply of audio and video recordings and computer programs, if the buyer violates their original packaging, for the supply of newspapers, periodicals and Games or lotteries.

7) Delivery and delivery terms

Some shipments can be divided into multiple packages. Postage remains unchanged.

We follow all the shipments until they arrive, so we try to prevent problems that arise when they are delivered.

What to do when returning goods:

·         Prepare the shipment as described below.

·         The goods you send back to the address as described below by your chosen carrier.

As a shipment prepare

The consignment must be complete (including accessories and all documentation) and in the state in which you downloaded it at the delivery. Attach proof of purchase to the goods. Please always use wrapping paper or cardboard so that it cannot polepeniu, write or otherwise spoil the original packaging during transport. Do not send goods on delivery, we encourage you to insure the goods. The money will be returned to the bank account (remember to indicate it), usually within 3 working days of receipt of the shipment. In case of return of goods, the amount will be reduced by shipping costs (not for claims!).

The seller must, within 30 days of the origin of the purchase contract, send to the buyer the goods, unless otherwise agreed, or if the goods have not been given a longer delivery period.

If the goods are in stock, it is dispatched according to capacity options in the shortest time possible.

If there are several goods and services in the order and part of them is not at the moment of the order in stock, the seller undertakes to inform the buyer without delay, and the buyer may agree to receive the partial deliveries or to cancel the order.

In addition to the goods the buyer is issued with an invoice (tax document).

The place where the goods are shipped shall be deemed to be the place of performance (unless otherwise specified in the order).

In the event that the buyer ordered the carriage by postal courier, the seller will arrange the transport via Slovenská pošta or other delivery Company. The date of service of the goods is governed by the terms of Slovak postal delivery Company.

The buyer is obliged to inspect the goods visually.

If mechanical damage to the packaging of the product is detected, the buyer must draw up a record of the damage in the presence of the carrier. A reservation on the goods shall be entered by the buyer either on the download letter or made out with the carrier a damage registration. On the basis of the recorded record, the customer will be supplied with a new product without Defects Or he/she will be granted a reasonable discount if the buyer is to agree in terms of the terms of the complaint.

The buyer is entitled to withdraw from the contract in case of supply of damaged goods.

8) Price and methods of payment

All prices reported for products are final. The seller is not a VAT payer.

The price of the products listed on the E-Shop means the price at the moment of the order.

The total price on the order is the total price of the ordered products, in including transport costs. The cost of transport is based on the required quantity of goods, dimensions and total weight and the selected mode of transport. The shipping price will be calculated in the order creation process.

All stock prices shall be valid only until the stock is sold unless the specific product is expressly stated otherwise. The seller is obliged to notify the buyer immediately if the stock goods were sold out at the time of dispatch of the order and it is therefore not possible for the buyer to deliver the goods. The buyer is entitled to withdraw from the contract after notification of this fact.

All payment methods can be selected before the transport selection. All payment methods are included in the price of the transport.

·         Advance payment via bank transfer -When selecting this option, you will receive a deposit sheet with all the details of the payment. We will dispatch the goods after receiving payment to the bank account

·         Payment system Paypal

·         Through the service CardPay Or Tatrapay.

The seller can provide the buyer with a discount on the basis of loyalty points, which are counted for every purchase made in the E-Shop And which are attributed to the registered user to his customer account. Detailed conditions for the application of loyalty points are given on the seller's website.

9) Cancellation of the purchase agreement and return of goods

The buyer has the right to cancel the ordered goods or service, without cancelling the charge until the goods are manufactured, as it is the production of the goods under in § 7 (1). 6 (b). (a) to (l) of Act No 102/2014. Coll. Cancellation of the order must be made in writing through the E-mail address Even on the day on which the seller will confirm the delivery of the goods by e-mail or by telephone on the telephone number of the seller 0905 328 365.

When you cancel your order, you must indicate the order number or the buyer's full contact details.

In case the goods have not yet been produced and thus the seller does not incur any costs, the purchaser will be returned to the buyer for a period of up to 14 days by bank transfer to the account determined by the buyer (you must enter the bank name, account number and bank number) if the buyer The seller does not agree otherwise.

Buyer who is not a consumer, the right to cancel a purchase contract without a fee is not incurred. In this case, the buyer may return the goods after the prior agreement with the seller. The goods must be undamaged, without signs of use, packaged in the original package. A fee of 100% of the selling price of the goods is charged to the buyer in case of cancellation, unless otherwise agreed with the seller.

The right to return goods pursuant to § 7 (2). 6 (b). (a) to (l) of Act No 102/2014. Coll. It ceases as it is the production of goods according to the specific requirements of the consumer, i.e. goods made for peace or goods intended specifically for one consumer.

The consumer may return the goods only if the supplier with this consent and the supplier would be agreed to the refund. A necessary condition for the return of the goods would be the written copy of the registration of the bilateral agreement.

10) Safety

You do not have to worry about abuse when paying credit cards. We use a verified payment gateway with protocol 3-D Secure, supported by card associations. All internal information (passwords, names, operation) is encrypted. To improve speed, it does not encrypt general information (information about individual item ledger entries).

11) Complaints

If the goods you received from us are damaged or broken, follow the complaints order. 

12) Complaints procedure

Products covered by the right of application of the claim must be submitted for consideration immediately after Glitches Must be clean and with appropriate documentation and description Glitchesor designated place Glitches.

13) Privacy Policy

Personal data are processed in accordance with Act No 122/2013 of. Z. On the protection of Personal data as amended.

The seller does not provide the personal data of the buyer to the third party, except for the shipping company for the delivery of goods or services or to the public authorities in the case of control.

The seller is obliged to provide personal data prior to disclosure by unauthorized persons.

If the buyer has agreed to the processing of personal data upon registration in Shop For marketing purposes, he has agreed to send in particular e-mail messages to a contact email address, by telephone contact or by sending the address mail to the contact address.

The buyer may, at any time, withdraw his consent by sending an appeal with the processing of personal data to the seller by post or by e-mail.

14) Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Seller within the meaning of Act No 102/2014 of. Z. On consumer protection at home and mail order and Act No 391/2015 on alternative dispute resolution with effect from 1.2.2016 informs the buyer (consumer) that, if it is not Satisfied with the method of handling the complaint, or considers that the seller has infringed his rights, he has the right to apply for redress by means of a postal address or an electronic address

If the seller responds to a request for redress zamietavo or does not respond within 30 days of its dispatch, the buyer (consumer) shall have the right to file an alternative dispute resolution entity (ADR entity). Under Act No 391/2015 of..., ADR entities are bodies and legitimate legal persons under section 3 of Act 391/2015 of... The application for an alternative dispute resolution may be submitted by the consumer in the manner specified under § 12 of law 391/2015 Coll.

The buyer (consumer) may also lodge a complaint through the ODR Platform for ADR (ODR = online dispute resolution) available online at the following address:

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) can only be used by the consumer. Alternative dispute resolution only concerns a dispute between the buyer (consumer) and the seller resulting from a consumer contract or related to a consumer contract. Alternative dispute resolution only concerns distance contracts. Alternative dispute resolution does not concern disputes where the value of the dispute is lower than the amount of EUR 20. An entity Alternative Dispute resolution ADR may require the consumer to pay a fee for initiating an alternative dispute resolution of up to a maximum of EUR 5 with VAT.

15) Final provisions

The Seller reserves the right to amend these general terms and conditions and claim conditions without notice to the buyer. In the event of a change in the general terms of trade or the terms of the claim, the entire process of purchase is governed by the general commercial conditions which were valid at the time of dispatch of the order by the buyer and are available on the Internet Seller's website.

Claim conditions are an integral part of these general terms and conditions.

By sending an order, the buyer has read the general terms and conditions as well as the claim conditions and agrees with the wording.

These general terms and conditions and claim conditions are published on the website of the E-Shop.

Otherwise, unregulated relationships in these general terms and conditions as in their integral parts (annexes) are governed by the relevant provisions in particular Act No 40/1964 Ecr, Act No 513/1991 Coll., Act No 108/2000 Coll., Act No 22/2004 Coll., Act No 250/2007 Coll., Act No 122/2013 Coll., Act No 102/2014 Coll., Act no 391/2015 and their amendments.
13.6 These general commercial conditions, including their integral parts, shall enter into force and effect on 1 January 1987. January 2017.

What to do

In case of a complaint you can choose two options, follow the description below: Send the product to the address-"contact address". The shipment is paid to the seller's party. Once you know when and where the shipment will be able to pick up, please contact us. The consignment must be complete (including accessories and all documentation) and in the state in which you downloaded it at the delivery. Attach proof of purchase to the goods. Please always use wrapping paper or cardboard so that it is not possible to make a sticking, writing or other deterioration of the original packaging during transport. Do not send the goods on delivery, in which case the goods will not be taken over. We encourage you to insure the goods. You will receive a complaints protocol immediately after receipt of the goods. The goods must be properly packaged for transport so as to avoid any further damage. Defective or damaged goods will be replaced or the purchase price will be refunded. Goods must be accompanied by all the documents received by the purchaser with the goods, for example Chit, Warranty certificate and more. The seller assumes no responsibility for damages arising from the operation of products, functional properties and damages from the non-professional use of the products, as well as damage caused by external events and improper handling. Defects in this origin shall not be covered by the guarantee provided. The goods are only properly cleaned for hygienic reasons. If the manufacturer provides a guarantee for a longer period, it is indicated for the goods in the catalogue. The costs of claim proceedings and handling charges may be charged for rejected complaints. You will be informed by email, or SMS, of the complaint. As with the delivery of the order, you will be informed of the package expedition and delivery date. Thank you for the time you spent reading the terms and conditions.

Your Textilprint. Shop

The terms and conditions are valid from 1.1.2017 to appeal.
Buyer information: In the case of a change in the terms of trade, the terms and conditions that have been in force at the date of purchase are valid.

Supervisory Authority: 
SOI Inspectorate for the Trnava region 
Pekárska 23, 917 01 Trnava 1 
Department of Performance supervision 
Tel. No 033/3212 527, 033/3212 521, 
Fax No 033/3212 523

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